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Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Hey everyone! As part of our impact strategy, we created a fundraiser with Vluchtelingenwerk, an NGO based in Rotterdam. This organization's core objective is to represent the interests of refugees and asylum seekers in the Netherlands. A significant portion of the executive work is done by a large number of volunteers who are involved in both social and legal counseling. Vluchtelingenwerk shares the same vision as sMaak and so, we want to put forward a small sum of money to help their cause.

We implore you to help us reach our target of 300 euros for this fundraiser. Anyone that donates towards this fundraiser will have a chance at winning a voucher worth 75 euros for our catering services! It would be lovely to see our community come together to create some positive change!

Please fill in this google form after you have made a donation to enter the lottery for the voucher!

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  • Writer's picturesMaak Venture

We are pleased to unveil the first edition of the sMaak newsletter!

We intend to use the newsletter to communicate a brief overview of everything that our team has been working on, alongside some fun content like recipes and employee spotlights. The format is still a work in progress and so, changes are likely.

Regardless, we are excited for you to give this a read and we would love to hear your reactions!

Newsletter Smaak
Download PDF • 3.49MB

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